The future of Academic Work: ResearchFlow(TM)

Over in the Chronicle of Higher Education, there’s a fantastic piece about the future of academic work. It’s worth a read!

Key ideas we’d point out:

As lawmakers, parents, and students continue to question whether a college degree is worth it, and as higher education struggles to reinvent itself, professors are sure to face more scrutiny about their workloads.

At ResearchFlow(TM), we couldn’t agree more. We offer lawmakers, parents, students, administrators, and of course faculty access to beautiful visualizations of faculty activity. ResearchFlow(TM) doesn’t just track articles or books. It tracks browsing habits, keystrokes, mouse movements, items saved in Endnote, and words. In this way, everyone from state governors to administrators knows how hard faculty are working to produce new knowledge.

Dedicated office space on campus may not always be a given in the workplace of the future, even for some tenured and tenure-track professors.

Indeed. This is why ResearchFlow(TM) is geared towards helping academics anywhere they are. Install ResearchFlow(TM) on any computer a scholar uses, and all the data is synced and coordinated in our cloud-enabled server farm. We’re on the cutting-edge of the new officeless work environs that faculty will no doubt thrive in.

Saint Mary’s College of California considers itself a teaching institution, and that mission guides the way professors there think about technology. The college’s Education Technology Group, led by Jeffrey A. Sigman, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, awards grants to faculty members who want to use a new technology in their teaching or scholarship or test a current one.

This is fantastic! Colleges can use grant money and federal funds to purchase subscriptions to new technology apps, including, of course, ResearchFlow(TM). Free and open source software or older technologies (such as paper, chalk, etc), will not cut it when it comes to improving scholarly productivity. What’s needed is more high-quality, proprietary apps in higher education.

The title of the Chronicle piece is “The Uncertain Future of Academic Work.” We here at ResearchFlow(TM) feel that one thing is certain: change. And we intend to lead it. Join us today!

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