The Facebook Experiment

As many of you have probably seen, researchers at Facebook have teamed up with psychologists at Cornell and UC-San Francisco in a massive experiment to see how emotions propagate across that social network. The results were astounding: by adjusting a person’s “stream” by only a few words (positive, or negative), they were able to change the moods of thousands of Facebook users! Naturally, they’re interested in emotional propagation because they value the experience of their users. Simply put, Facebook wants us to be happy, and so they rightly seek the best algorithms to produce that result.

This research has inspired us at ResearchFlow(TM). We are, of course, the premier system to improve researcher productivity. We provide workflow solutions that keep researchers on task, guiding them from one idea to the next, and getting their research out the door. Administrators who work with us see results.

But the Facebook study tells us that we could do more. What if we find ways to not only make researchers more productive, but happier too? A happy researcher is a productive one, no doubt!

So, we’re announcing that one of our next projects will be to add emotional intelligence to a future release of ResearchFlow(TM). We envision this emotional intelligence system to not only monitor the researcher’s productivity, but her emotional state as well, and offer happy messages that keep the researcher feeling great. Imagine a researcher working hard on a paper about 19th century Mardi Gras festivals but feeling overwhelmed by all the research, when a message pops up:

You’re writing the definitive piece on 19th Century Mardi Gras festivals! Keep it up!

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling better!

This, along with our other future plans (such as TheoryPaks(TM)) will make ResearchFlow(TM) an even more valuable part of researchers’ lives.

So why not get ResearchFlow(TM) going on your campus? The future is ours — and it’s looking happy!

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